In 1976 Fred & Toshi D'Elia and a handful of friends founded the North Jersey Masters (NJM) as a running club that would be "dedicated to the improvement of the individual road and track runner by providing professional coaching within a supportive club environment ...By running in groups with others of similar speed and by learning training techniques through shared experiences, members dramatically improve and reach their potential. We race ourselves, other members, other teams, or just run for pleasure." (See Club History.)

Three decades later the NJM is Bergen County's premiere running club and still adheres to the basic tenets on which it was founded. The title of "Masters" however, has changed in that it now reflects excellence rather than age. Today the NJM is larger, younger, and more competitive than ever before. It is nearly 600 members strong with runners from all age groups, beginner to competitive, male & female. Our members participate in all events that include the word "run": track, cross-country, road running, biathlons, triathlons, and marathons.

The Club's services are not only geared towards its basic mission, but to create an environment that can build a community of runners who will develop lifetime friendships. To that end, the club has identified communications and club activities as the key components to our success.

Communications across all members of the club is addressed by:

  • This state-of-the-art website, the primary venue.
  • Good Times, the quarterly newsletter that trumpets members' accomplishments.
  • An up-to-date Directory of all Active Members - to be used by members for members use only.
  • A members only Bulletin Board for member to members communication.
  • E-mails for announcements, special situations and emergencies.

Club Activities

Coached workouts and Informal runs

Tuesday Track Workouts Learn about the various coached workouts and group runs the club offers each week throughout the year. See Club Workouts.

Social Activities

The club sponsors a variety of gatherings that stimulate camaraderie amongst the membership. The meetings are another chance to find runners that would help you build an informal running group based on pace and distance preferences. Examples are: informative general meetings, Picnics/Pizza parties, after-race assemblies, and the Bus to the NYC Marathon. Check the Bulletin Board often for upcoming events.

Awards Dinner The two major social events of the year however, are the NJM's Award Banquet and the Ridgewood Run. The annual Awards Banquet in January is a chance to celebrate the Club's success and to recognize our members for their accomplishments. Check the Awards Page to view the available Award categories and past achievements by club members. Most important of all is the organization and execution of the Memorial Day Ridgewood Run. For more than thirty years this race is the must-run race in New Jersey and beyond. Runners have come from as far away as Texas to the West, and Leighton Lodge in England to the East. It's our responsibility to put our best foot forward and put on the best show of the year for all Ridgewood Run participants: Fun Run, Mile runs, 10K, and 5K. The club's members, family, and friends have done just that since 1976.

Racing in NJ

North Jersey Masters is a member (Club #0102) of the governing body of NJ racing, the USATF-NJ. It sanctions over 150 races per year in NJ, and each year conducts a "very popular Grand Prix of road races that culminate in an annual awards banquet where overall and age group winners receive monetary awards and recognition". Throughout the year, the runner can track individual race scores and his/her age group ranking at the USATF-NJ LDR web page. The individual athlete can choose to participate in one or more race categories: the Overall, the Mini-1, and the Mini-2 Individual Grand Prix series. For more detailed information on the Grand Prix and how to plan for it please visit our summary page The USATF-NJ Grand Prix Series.

RacingIn conjunction with the Individual series, the USATF-NJ Team Grand Prix provides "an opportunity for USATF-NJ clubs to compete for year-end overall awards". The Club encourages and strongly supports member participation in these team competitions and provides Club Team shirts for all team members. Additionally, at the beginning of each year, the NJM offers a set of member worksheets as planning vehicles for the upcoming Grand Prix series. Lastly the NJM organizes carpools for members traveling to popular and/or distant races.

The NJM tries to track all of our member's NJ accomplishments, major out-of-state activities, plus upcoming races in the Race Calendar and Race Results sections of our website. Other websites that provide races and results for our area are: CompuScore, Best Racing, Elite Racing, and OYMP. If you compete in races throughout the County and Championship races throughout the state, you are likely to run into the prominent blue logo of the NJM. Say hello and start a running conversation.

Other racing & multi-sport events

The Club's athletes also enjoy venturing out into the New York Metropolitan Area, especially the many Track & Field (T&F), Cross-Country, and road races in the immediate NY State area. The New York Road Runners Club is the governing body and offers many racing options for our runners including the New York City Marathon in November. For other Marathons the Marathon Guide website provides a worldwide calendar and race results for all marathons.

The NJM runner has many options throughout the year. Indoor Track & Field competition in the Winter and outdoor Track & Field in the Summer. Long Distance running in the Spring and Fall and Multi Sport events like biathlons and triathlons in the Summer.

New Jersey Track & Field is under the direction of the USATF-NJ. The NYRRC conducts indoor track events in the Winter at the New Balance Track & Field Center on Fort Washington Ave. in Manhattan. Main sources for Multi-Sport event information is the Metro Race Forum and Bergen County's Glen Rock Triathlon Club.


QUESTIONS? Please e-mail them to the Membership Chair.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO MEET US? Come to a Tuesday workout, Thursday workout, Intermediate workout, Group Run, or a general meeting. General meetings are held the first Wednesday of every other month. Check the website for time and location.


To join, please download the MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION found on the Membership page.

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North Jersey Masters Track and Field Club Mission Statement

North Jersey Masters is a running club that provides a healthy running environment for runners of all ages and abilities. Through coached workouts and weekend runs, members attain their goals and enjoy a lifelong pursuit of the sport within a supportive and friendly club environment.

North Jersey Masters Track and Field Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation registered in the state of New Jersey, founded by Fred and Toshi D'Elia in 1976.

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