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Door Hanger Run

Door Hanger Run

Posted: May 21, 2018

Tuesday May 22nd at 5:30 meet in the parking lot of the Graydon Pool. We will distribute the door hangers to the residents along the Ridgewood Run course. It is a short 30 min run/walk. Each team gets a map of a section of RR course and we distribute the door hangers. Quick simple but necessary. Come and help. We appreciate the time you give to the success our our race.

Club Bylaws Updated May 15, 2018

Club Bylaws Updated May 15, 2018

Posted: May 16, 2018

The club board of directors has ratified an update to the club bylaws. The bylaws establish the standards and operating procedures by which the club operates by. Club members should be acquainted with these bylaws.

Read the bylaws.

The club board of directors has ratified an amendment to the club bylaws on May 15, 2018. Although it would be difficult to do a point by point comparison between the old and new bylaws as the structure has materially changed, the following are the more substantial changes to the newly adopted Bylaws:

  1. Article III, Section 1: The Board will consist of 11 to 15 members.
  2. Article III, Section 1: Amongst other general criteria, a Board member must commit to race only the Club in races in which the Club participates.
  3. Article III, Section 2: There is a 3-year term for Board members, including Officers.
  4. Article IV: At the General Membership meeting in November, the members will elect the Board. The Board will then elect the Officers (President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary).
  5. Article VII – Any Board member who has a conflict with a matter under discussion at the Board meeting must excuse themselves from participating in that discussion. Board members may receive compensation for services rendered to the Club if the Board deems such amount insubstantial.
  6. Article X – All committee proposals must be presented to the Board for their approval prior to implementation.

Forward any questions of comments to any board member or

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