NJM Gains Access to NYC Marathon Coral Program!

NJM Gains Access to NYC Marathon Coral Program!

The North Jersey Masters Team has been given access to the Local Competitive Corral for club members who are registered for the 2021 New York City Marathon and have met certain requirements. 

The Local Competitive Corral Program allows club runners to be the first to start the New York City Marathon on the green wave corral A. This sets runners up perfectly to not get boxed in by other runners. Along with the start corral, runners in this program also will have a special start tent with private bathrooms, water, Gatorade, and other race day amenities.


* North Jersey Masters Member

* NYRR Member

* Have met the qualifying time standards listed below since January 1, 2019

If you are eligible for this program, please provide the following information to membership@njmasters.com by Sunday, August 1, 2021 as the corral capacity is 400 runners on a first come first serve basis.




NYRR Customer Number


Qualifying Time

Qualifying Race


Age (@Qualifying Race)

Link to Qualifying Results


Men Marathon Half-Marathon

18–34 2:53 or better 1:21 or better

35–39 2:55 or better 1:23 or better

40–44 2:58 or better 1:25 or better

45–49 3:05 or better 1:28 or better

50–54 3:14 or better 1:32 or better

55–59 3:23 or better 1:36 or better

60–64 3:34 or better 1:41 or better

65–69 3:45 or better 1:46 or better

70–74 4:10 or better* 1:57 or better

75–79 4:30 or better* 2:07 or better

80+ 4:55 or better* 2:15 or better

Women Marathon Half-Marathon

18–34 3:13 or better 1:32 or better

35–39 3:15 or better 1:34 or better

40–44 3:26 or better 1:37 or better

45–49 3:38 or better 1:42 or better

50–54 3:51 or better 1:49 or better

55–59 4:10 or better* 1:54 or better

60–64 4:27 or better* 2:02 or better

65–69 4:50 or better* 2:12 or better

70–74 5:30 or better* 2:27 or better

75–79 6:00 or better* 2:40 or better

80+ 6:35 or better* 2:50 or better

*In all cases, the parameters are also based on safety. Please be aware that entrants who plan to run at four-hour marathon pace and slower can endanger themselves and others by starting in the Local Competitive corral and may ensure a better race experience for themselves and their fellow runners by starting in their time-determined corrals.

Good luck to all participants!

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