4/5/22 Track Workout at 6:15pm, Ben Franklin Middle School, Ridgewood. Meet at the right corner of the track.

4/5/22 Track Workout at Ben Franklin Middle School, Ridgewood


Warm up 10-15 mins of light jogging and be ready to gather at the finish line of the track. We will go
Over some stretches and drills as a team.
4 x 100m strides

5-6 x 800m at current 5k pace. Always aim to start a few seconds slower for the first few, progress to pace by mid workout and, if possible hold or 1-2 seconds faster on the last few
Recovery will be 400m jog

Example: 8:00 pace/mile = 4:00per 800m. jog 400m and start the next one.

Cool down 8-10 mins and rehydrate and stretch. We can go over a few stretches and mobility as a group of we still have some daylight.