Racing in NJ

North Jersey Masters is a member (Club #0102) of the governing body of NJ racing, the USATF-NJ. It sanctions over 150 races per year in NJ, and each year conducts a “very popular Grand Prix of road races that culminate in an annual awards banquet where overall and age group winners receive monetary awards and recognition”. Throughout the year, the runner can track individual race scores and his/her age group ranking at the USATF-NJ LDR web page. The individual athlete can choose to participate in one or more race categories: the Overall, the Mini-1, and the Mini-2 Individual Grand Prix series. For more detailed information on the Grand Prix and how to plan for it please visit our summary page The USATF-NJ Grand Prix Series.

In conjunction with the Individual series, the USATF-NJ Team Grand Prixprovides “an opportunity for USATF-NJ clubs to compete for year-end overall awards”. The Club encourages and strongly supports member participation in these team competitions and provides Club Team shirts for all team members. Additionally, at the beginning of each year, the NJM offers a set of member worksheets as planning vehicles for the upcoming Grand Prix series. Lastly the NJM organizes carpools for members traveling to popular and/or distant races.

The NJM tries to track all of our member’s NJ accomplishments, major out-of-state activities, plus upcoming races in the Race Calendar and Race Results sections of our website. Other websites that provide races and results for our area are: CompuScoreBest RacingElite Racing, and OYMP. If you compete in races throughout the County and Championship races throughout the state, you are likely to run into the prominent blue logo of the NJM. Say hello and start a running conversation.