The Ridgewood Run offers a unique Family Team competition in the 5K race. Registration in the 5K race is required in addition a separate team declaration form must be filled out with the bib numbers of all team members.

Family Discount

$3 off per entry for 3 or more family members when registering for the 5K or 10K.

Maximum Immediate Family 5K registration cost – $110.00


Awarded to the top 5 families with the 3 fastest times scored for each team. Register on race day up to 15 minutes before the 5K race. There are no age or location restrictions as long as all participants are from the same immediate family.


  • 5K Only
  • Only immediate family members may participate on the same team, representing children, parents, guardians, grandparents, and people residing at the same address.
  • At least 3 family members to participate. The top 3 runners score for the team. All team members participate in the award.
  • All runners must be already registered for the 5K. Bib numbers for all team runners are required for entry.
  • One runner designated as “captain”. Captain will serve as contact and spokesperson for the team.
  • Form must be submitted at least 15 minutes before the start of the 5K race. Forms are submitted to the registration tent.
  • Scoring is done by adding the finish times of the top 3 runners from each team.
  • Awards will go to the top 5 teams.

There is no additional cost to participate. Just fill in the form and submit it at the registration tent at least 15 minutes before the 5K. Forms are provided at the registration tent.